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Best company for everyone? Simplus

Dec 14, 2023 | Admin, Latest News

There’s no better way to close out the calendar year than announcing workplace culture awards! Simplus has once again received recognition from Comparably, based directly on recent employee reviews, for our company culture. Comparably shared their lists for Best Company Culture 2023, Best Company for Women 2023, and Best Company for Diversity 2023, and Simplus placed on all three.

The Simplus culture has enjoyed a rich history of development and expansion, but through it all the core value of Stewardship has reigned supreme. We are proud to see our company culture shine through and reach the employees it was designed for, and we hope to see more join us! Thank you to all who have aided our company in maintaining a caring, inclusive culture. Simplus truly is the best company for everyone.

To read the full lists of awarded companies, click here.



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