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A Simplus employee interview: Klarizze David

Oct 23, 2023 | Admin, Latest News

We’re excited to share an interview with one of our own, Klarizze David! Klarizze is an Associate Manager on the Managed Services – North America Team. Klarizze originally started with Simplus several years ago, and she then decided to return in December 2022 because she simply couldn’t find another workplace like us! Keep reading to learn more about Klarizze’s experience with Simplus:


1. What were the factors that influenced your decision to rejoin our company?

The number one reason why I rejoined the company is because of compassionate leaders. They trust the decision-making of their employees and they support career growth. Secondly, the comfort of working from home. Lastly, the role focuses on individual contribution.


2. What aspects of our company’s culture and values made you want to return?

Underdog Spirit: Throughout my career, I always think of myself as someone who needs to strive more and do more to accomplish my task or project. By doing this I’ve learned a lot and I think this is aligned with Simplus’ underdog spirit – “We are determined, crafty, spirited, resilient, and tenacious.”

Critical Thinking: Being one of the CPQ resources, we often deal with data-driven issues. These issues are usually time-consuming and difficult to investigate. The more challenging the issue the more it fuels me to work.


3. What did you find most rewarding about working here before, and do you expect that to continue?

  • Time Flexibility
  • Free Certifications and Bonuses
  • Career growth


4. How do you believe your previous experience with our company will contribute to your success in your new role?

Being a rehire, I am familiar with the Simplus process and team members. I believe this will help me easily navigate my role. I know who to ask and reach out to for certain questions related to my projects.


5. How do you envision your long-term career growth with our company now that you’ve returned?

When I started my career in Simplus I envisioned that I’ll grow old with this company. However, there are things I needed to prioritize which was the reason for me leaving the company. For now, I see myself being an individual contributor throughout my career and probably mentoring some consultants.