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Strategic solutions and tools for reopening safely

Apps, advice, and training for a new era of workplace management. Let Simplus and Salesforce give you innovative tools to restart day-to-day operations swiftly and safely.

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Remember: It’s during times of crisis that opportunities emerge.

Your company resources and customer relationships have been put to the ultimate test. But you can bounce back better than ever with the guidance of Simplus’ Work.com expert team. We understand the challenges your organization faces during this economic downturn. That’s why we are thrilled to share a speedy implementation of purpose-built apps from Salesforce with Work.com.

Based on the expertise of our IT team and our strong knowledge of corporate communications, marketing, and HR functions, we are ready to lead your team through a four-week process that will enable your organization to develop a command center that easily monitors shift management, analyzes collected data, and performs other operations, based on CDC health guidelines, to maintain a safe and healthy work environment that optimizes work performance. The implementation integrates with MuleSoft, Health Cloud, Communities, and Tableau. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind. Here’s how:

The Human Side Of Remote Work

The Human Side Of Business

From customers to your crew, people who interact with your company need assurance that protecting their health is your priority. Simplus is ready to help you take the necessary steps to review your workplace readiness and implement measures to keep employees, customers, partners, and communities safe and informed during the present COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Get Back to Work with Simplus and Salesforce

Give us four weeks and we will transform your workplace into a lean, mean operating machine. (Mask included, of course!) Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum implementation packages are customized to provide the support and tools you need, whatever stage you’re in:

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  • Make real-time data-driven decisions for employees and customers in the Workplace Command Center. Assess employee capacity for working remote and onsite.
  • Send confidential, pre-built health surveys to employees prior to reopening and moving forward to monitor their health. Employees attest to their fitness for work before arriving onsite.
  • Maintain compliance with training using MyTrailhead. Keep employees’ skills fresh and deliver new content on demand.
  • Access Work.com content via Salesforce mobile apps. Streamline communication with secure push notifications. Improve transparency and communication with employees and customers.
  • Companies must continuously adapt to new and uncertain market conditions. Work.com has built-in tools to help you reopen and keep your business open safely. Informed by daily briefings, reviews of data, and constant communication, you are empowered.
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Integrate Outside Data

MuleSoft Accelerator provides you with the tools to gather data and make responsible decisions.

New Skills and Training

Reskill your workforce to meet new protocols with myTrailhead.

Volunteer Management

Optimize management of volunteer resources and grants for the swiftest emergency response.

Workplace Command Center

Assess health, potential spread, and positive cases in the organization driven by real-time data.

Contact Tracing

Track the relationships between your team members to mitigate COVID-19 spread.

Emergency Response Management

Mobilize resources for your affected communities, patients, and personnel.


CRUSH COVID is an Infosys-developed and Salesforce-integrated iOS/Android application designed to keep people and communities safe. Organizations of any size can leverage the app to collect, organize, and react to data regarding positive COVID-19 cases within their employee base and mitigate the potential spread.

Crush Covid
  • Ability to measure the health of a given population
  • Easy integration with data suppliers and tech partners
  • Accurate and responsive follow-up
  • Ability to link positive cases and define potential outbreaks
  • Geo-fencing enables quick identification and containment of outbreaks
  • Real-time notification to response teams
  • User-friendly access to public health records

Whether ushered in by sudden crisis or a natural progression of your business model, a rapid, well-thought-out response is crucial to opening your doors to future business opportunities. Simplus is here to help get your organization ready with the technological tools, training, and adoption as you pivot to increasingly digital processes. If this is new territory for your organization, first of all, welcome back. And second, have no fear. Together, we’ve got this, and we will transition for the future successfully.

Reach out today! Send us a message or call us at 833.SIM.PLUS. We’re excited to not only prepare you for the remote workforce future but also realize more profitable processes along the way. Let’s connect!