Simplus FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ

Simplus FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ takes the guesswork out of designing your Oracle CPQ solution.
Both FastTrack for Products and FastTrack for Services are designed with the end in mind and use proven frameworks to streamline traditionally complex solutions. The process starts with a complete user guide document and a working version of the solution that can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs, simplifying and accelerating your implementation.
With FastTrack for Oracle CPQ, you can significanly reduce the size and cost of your engagement.

FastTrack™ for Products

FastTrack for Products is ideally suited for clients that sell product-based solutions that want an accelerated process and interface to quickly get pricing to customers. The offering is suitable for specific, non-configured product catalogs. Our pre-designed process is built to allow you the freedom to select products directly from the catalog, place them into the quote, price them, and then obtain approval before sending out the final quote to your customer. Salesforce and Oracle CRM integration are included in the design.


FastTrack™ for Services


FastTrack for Services was developed for customers that sell services and want to bring the quoting process out of Excel and Word document templates and into a modern system. The offering can also be used to enable non-technical resources to quickly generate a Statement of Work (SoW) in minutes, outlining a project scope and resourcing needs that add momentum to the customer’s buying process. FastTrack for Services offers frontline resources the freedom of scoping work functionality and allows customers to generate professional services quotes from the same tool used by the rest of the sales organization. The offering integrates sales and services like never before by using CPQ to generate an approved SOW and resource plan.

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Key Solution Elements

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User guide element

We start with an already prepared user guide document that outlines the functionality available to end users as part of the out-of-the-box asset. While other functional elements are possible, the closer you stick to the existing set of functionality, the more affordable the solution is and the faster you can achieve a return on your investment. We can have detailed conversations during the pre-contract phase, and having the user guide document already defined means we are ready to work with you on refining your own requirements and objectives.

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All-standard functionality

Every piece of functionality included in the FastTrack for Oracle CPQ solution set is standard functionality within the Oracle CPQ platform. This means a lower risk of platform upgrade issues and improved ease of administration.

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We install the final product

Every FastTrack for CPQ engagement begins with Simplus loading our asset into your Oracle CPQ system. This initial step results in a drastically reduced project timeline, as the baseline for the solution is already in place when the project starts. This also allows for more efficient design discussions—you can look at your specific system and make updates instead of having to settle for mock-up and theoretical proposals of what screens will look like.

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