KSL: Ryan Westwood on culture, inclusion, and diversity

Ryan Westwood, Simplus CEO, was recently featured on KSL for his noteworthy strategy as an entrepreneur and leader of Simplus: prioritize an inclusive culture above all else.

Simplus has benefitted financially from Ryan’s leadership approach for years, with stunningly rapid growth that culminated in a successful acquisition by Infosys. But more significant is how Simplus has become known for its compassionate and diverse remote work culture thanks to Ryan’s strategy. KSL’s Art Raymond covered the unique approach, Ryan’s entrepreneurial outlook, and the importance of culture in today’s corporate landscape in the article here.

“My philosophy is that culture eats strategy for breakfast,” Ryan said at the Utah Business Outlook Summit. “If you have an inclusive culture where everybody feels like their ideas, their thoughts are valued and they are valued, you are going to have so much more success than if you don’t.”

You can read the complete article here on KSL.



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