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Forbes: Amy Cook on growing business with social media

Sep 1, 2021 | Admin, Latest News

Amy Cook, CMO at Simplus, knows good marketing when she sees it. And in the past year and more of the pandemic, we’ve seen some excellent marketing take shape on social media. In this Forbes piece, Amy shares three key steps that make social media marketing more than just brand awareness—it’s an opportunity for real business growth. Check out the highlights below or the full article here.


Choose Your Channels

“If you want to reach the business world, building your presence on LinkedIn is an obvious choice. Many professionals connect on LinkedIn to network and investigate leads. In fact, according to a 2017 LinkedIn marketing guide, 91% of executives go to LinkedIn first for relevant content. On the other hand, if your focus is on consumers, you might want to build up a presence on Facebook.” —Amy Cook


Build Your Brand

“There are several components to building a brand. One easy way is to post photos and videos that feature your employees and their accomplishments. Seeing their faces will help page visitors get to know the great people at the company and trust their expertise. Another important way to build your brand is to establish thought leadership with blogs and articles in your field of expertise.” —Amy Cook


Find Your Leads

“When trying to make progress on social media, lead generation and brand building are intertwined. You need both to be successful on social media, so don’t stress too much if your content lends to one over the other. The real measure of your success is the response you get (i.e., your reviews). ” —Amy Cook


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