Webinar: Successful CPQ Adoption Depends on Making Sure Adoption is Considered from the Beginning

CPQ Experts Shane Anastasi and Gilles Muys teach why adoption needs to be considered from the beginning.


It is never too early to be considering adoption in the CPQ process. In fact, finishing with successful CPQ adoption is making sure that it is considered from the beginning.

During this webinar, CPQ experts Shane Anastasi and Gilles Muys will discuss the following:

  • Adopting from the outset and the impact of failing to adopt
  • Streamlining for ease of use and compliance in the design stage
  • Preparing the organization for change during the build stage
  • Using the test stage to start generating materials and hype
  • Providing ideas for rollout

Shane and Gilles will follow up their discussion with a Q&A session. Ask your questions about CPQ adoption.

Meet the Speakers

Shane-Anastasi-webinarShane Anastasi
Simplus, VP Professional Development

Shane Anastasi is a Professional Services Executive, Professional Services Speaker and Author, Software and SaaS leader with demonstrated success in preparation and execution of corporate strategies. He has demonstrated strength in management and operation of various services businesses with an ability to drive change by helping others overcome resistance. Shane is a creative thinker, with strong determination to achieve successful outcomes across all operational aspects of an enterprise: sales and business development, professional and managed-services administration, product management and marketing, finance and legal, and software development and engineering. Shane has worldwide experience with management positions in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Gilles Muys
Simplus, VP of Customer Solutions

Gilles is an executive with broad experience in CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote), finance, manufacturing, information technology, e-business, and marketing. Gilles is a Salesforce CPQ Black Belt and one of the leading minds in the world on CPQ.

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