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Simplus scores 2024 Comparably workplace culture awards

Jun 20, 2024 | Admin, Latest News

Career growth you can count on? Check.

Great leaders to guide you along? Check.

Simplus has been recognized for two more workplace culture awards from Comparably, landing spots on the lists of Best Career Growth and Best Company Leadership companies. Comparably awards are completely based on direct, anonymous employee feedback and reviews. We’re thrilled to see this reflection of our employee satisfaction and want to thank the efforts of everyone at Simplus who helps foster our caring culture around the globe. You make Simplus Simplus.

To read the full list of awarded companies, click here. 



Simplus Announces New President Suyash Awasthi

Simplus Announces New President Suyash Awasthi

Simplus, an Infosys Company, is pleased to welcome Suyash Awasthi as the new President and Global Head. Suyash brings a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to leadership, perfectly aligning with our mission of providing transformative digital solutions,...