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Case Study


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We deployed a CPQ implementation to sales and renewals teams at Dynatrace for over 30 countries and 10 languages.
Komatsu - the challenge

The Challenge

Simplus designed a Salesforce CPQ solution that removed a substantial amount of custom code and allowed sales and renewal teams to quote solely in This has decreased time to quote and increased win rates.
Komatsu - the challenge

About Dynatrace

In a world comprised of fast-paced expectations, Dynatrace provides a full-stack, automated view of a company’s employee engagement. It provides clients with the ability to quickly resolve customer issues and gain the foresight to prevent future IT and customer service problems.
Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts
Industry: High-Tech
Komatsu - the challenge
Komatsu - The Outcome

The Outcome

Simplus deployed Salesforce CPQ to sales teams, renewals teams, and channels in over 30 countries and 10 languages. We implemented Quote-to-Order automation from Salesforce to Netsuite and eliminated excessive custom code, allowing an easier roadmap to Salesforce Lightning UI. Finally, Simplus developed videos to walk through the process to ensure adoption.
Komatsu - The Outcome

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