Simplus + DocuSign CLM


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Simplus and DocuSign are partnered to simplify and modernize your systems of agreement.


Here’s how it’s done:

  • Automated Contract Processes
  • Configurable Document Management Workflows
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Secure Cloud-Based Platform

Contract Management

Simplify your time to agreement by 75%
with DocuSign CLM.

DocuSign CLM helps you manage contracts through the four stages of the agreement process—prepare, sign, act, and manage. This leads to increased revenue, more compliant processes, and decreased operational expenses. Simplify your processes, and make your organization more agreeable. 

  • Prepare and generate documents with ease.
  • Sign digital agreements quickly and securely.
  • Act on the agreement obligations with sophisticated workflows.
  • Manage your agreements with dashboards, reporting, and analytics.

Document Management

You’ve invested to modernize your systems of record through CRMs like Salesforce. To realize the value from these systems of record, you need to be able to manage documents at scale. DocuSign CLM allows you to generate, approve, sign, and manage documents quickly and securely.

Salesforce Integration

DocuSign CLM integrates perfectly with Salesforce.

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As two of the few Salesforce Platinum Partners, DocuSign and Simplus are a match made in heaven.


Cloud Security

DocuSign CLM is the only FedRAMP-authorized contract management platform. Federal agencies are able to meet government security needs while simplifying their processes. Billions of documents, countless workflows, contracts upon contracts . . . all safely managed using DocuSign CLM.

DocuSign CLM is also compliant with the Cloud Security Alliance.

Learn more about keeping your business secure with DocuSign CLM.

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Streamlined Implementation Package To Get You Up And Running Faster

Download this one-sheet for more specifics on the Simplus FastTrack for DocuSign CLM.


Your workflows + DocuSign CLM

+ Simplus implementation 

= Simplified and modernized systems of agreement