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Center of Excellence (CoE) Offering

Create continuous value through business and IT alignment across your Salesforce program.

Many organizations struggle to align their IT initiatives with their business processes. In an attempt to move forward, many try to force applicable clouds straight out-of-thebox for industry-specific needs. This eventually creates mountains of technical debt, siloed knowledge, and inconsistent application of best practices.
3 Ways Digital Technology Adds a Personal Touch to Patient Care

Other challenges include:

  • Lack of alignment or partnership between IT and the business
  • Application rationalization due to prominence of M&A
  • Inability to foster knowledge sharing across the organization
  • Poor quality in the execution of service delivery, including DevOps
With the Simplus Center of Excellence (COE), we focus on industry-tailored solutions for these technology-based challenges. A Center of Excellence (COE) acts as a central governing framework for your Salesforce program. With Agile methodology and continuous delivery, we are disrupting the traditional operational model of large organizations. As leaders shift towards a continuous value operating model to meet modern business and IT needs, Simplus can help codify your COE program to improve operational success and drive continuous value of your Salesforce program.
3 Ways Digital Technology Adds a Personal Touch to Patient Care

Excellence Program

Align leaders and shift towards project-level thinking. This allows you to consolidate activities and create a valuedriven program that could have a far-reaching impact.

  • Reduce misalignment
  • Remove hidden costs
  • Reuse resources and technical assets
  • Create trust between IT and Business

Effective Operational Model

Traditional delivery focuses on speed as key to success, without pausing to think about the value that delivery provides. Simplus works on implementing an effective operational model.

  • Work intake methods
  • DevOps
  • Skills & Capacity

Culture of Best Practices

In the absence of proactive planning, ideas for change evolve without guardrails. This results in a stream of misguided or misaligned requests. But a best practice culture uses community and knowledge to drive innovation:

  • Community-based design thinking
  • Knowledge sharing mechanisms

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