Advisory Services:



Integration and analytics are the way to create actionable insights within Salesforce. IT professionals work to integrate their back-office systems with cloud processes and incorporate analytics into daily routines for employees. They know that both the employee and customer journey can benefit from integration and analytics.


Derived from our thousands of engagements, our CRM experts help IT executives prioritize projects based on our IT Success Framework to meet future business needs. To ensure success, we suggest the following best practices:

  • Vendor Selection.
    Choose the right technologies that align with future needs.
  • CRM Software Implementation.
    Avoid common pitfalls, utilize best practices, and work with experts to augment your team.
  • Integration with Other Systems.
    Increase visibility and synchronization across units.
  • Enhancements and Support.
    Quickly implement user requests and phased next steps.
  • Data Migration and Management.
    Maintain an accurate record of customer data.