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Struggling to get the most out of Salesforce? Not sure what your CRM strategy is anymore? Simplus’ Adoption Accelerator, brought to you by our LPO methodology, is the cure.

You can gain complete visibility into what’s ailing your Salesforce adoption, how to improve it, and best practices to optimize for the long run by following Simplus’ advisory consultants through three simple steps: Listen, Prioritize, Optimize.

Use What Works: The Three LPO Steps

  1. 1. Listen: Connect with our experts to build understanding
    1. What is not working well?
    2. What is working well?
    3. Areas of disconnect
    4. Organizational goals—short and long term
  1. 2. Prioritize: Identify what comes first and make a plan
    1. Immediate changes and quick wins
    2. Long-term opportunities for growth
    3. Success metrics you can use today
    4. Roadmap for long-term success
  1. 3. Optimize: Enhance adoption and realize the full value of Salesforce
    1. Business process improvement through automation
    2. Building a Center of Excellence
    3. Customized training plan and blended learning
    4. UX/UI improvement

See How LPO Helps Your Business…

  • Discern pain points of your users and identify barriers to adoption
  • Prepare your systems for success
  • Show decision-makers how to use existing technology strategically against a roadmap
  • Leverage prioritized recommendations with custom plans at three, six, and 12 months out

Aligning People + Processes + Technology

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LPO is a unique Simplus initiative that isn’t offered by any other organization. It optimizes your system by taking a step back and lining up your business strategy with your technology strategy. It’s a simple way to align people, processes, and technology when you are struggling with low or unsuccessful user adoption. It will also help you reorient expectations and outcomes, increasing the trust your employees have in the Salesforce platform.

Reach out to our team here at Simplus for an LPO engagement today. We’re ready to listen to your needs, prioritize your goals, and optimize your future.

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