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Drivers for change:
Why it’s time to join the modern chemical revolution


Michael T Janney

Michael Janney

Senior Director, Manufacturing Solution Leader


Tom Lovell

Tom Lovell

VP, Manufacturing CoE


The modern chemical revolution is here.
Have you answered the call?

It’s not easy pivoting one single business, let alone an entire industrial sector. But that’s exactly what the process manufacturing industry faces. These manufacturers don’t often get a lot of center-stage attention as this background player, but the work they put out is evergreen and essential. However, because of this quiet relevance, it’s easy for transformational needs to go overlooked. But, with an increasingly competitive market and the rising skills gap potentially leaving over two million manufacturing positions unfilled by 2028, the process manufacturing space has an urgent need to reconsider its future strategy towards digital transformation.

Join Salesforce and Simplus for a behind-the-scenes look at how leading process manufacturers are leveling up to meet internal and external expectations and demands.

View now for our intimate panel discussion to hear:

  • Drivers for change in process manufacturing and why now is the time to join the modern chemical revolution.
  • Where you can start: How to build a foundation for successful business systems and processes across finance, sales, operations, and more.
  • How to align people, processes, and technology to see the ROI on your IT investments.

Why it’s time to join the modern chemical revolution

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