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Manufacturing Trends from Dreamforce 2021

Industry Trends and Digital Transformation Journeys in Manufacturing, a presentation from Dreamforce 2021.


Christi Lopez

Christi Lopez
Dir. Strategic Initiatives & Sales Operations
WR Grace

Anubhaw Bhushan

Director CRM
VP, Administration
Komatsu Mining


Traci Louvier
Vertical Sales Director

Jim Nader

Jim Nader
Sales Director

David Rivas - Simplus

David Rivas
VP and GTM Lead

Trends on Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

The last two years have been an unprecedented time with challenges we’ve all faced personally and in our businesses to adapt to some of those challenges with Covid and the markets in general The rate to go digital in manufacturing has only accelerated with manufacturing companies having to adapt find new ways new models and new strategies to meet the demands of their customers partners and distributors in a completely different way.

Manufacturing Trends 2021

At Simplus, we’ve seen and helped our manufacturing clients with these challenges and have really helped on some common themes, to continue to continue to drive growth, innovate and connect with their partners in new ways. In this 20 minute discussion we discuss:

  • Improving the partner and customer experience through digital portals
  • Accelerating growth to create operational efficiencies
  • An overview of the digital transformation journey at WR Grace
  • Insights from Komatsu Mining about starting and driving large strategic digital transformations successfully in an organization
Manufacturing Trends 2021

Manufacturing Trends from Dreamforce 2021


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