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On-Demand Webinar

Achieving Stellar Results with Salesforce CPQ

Tara Heavner


Join Nelson Sperling, Limelight CRM Administrator, and Tara Heavner, Service Delivery Manager at Simplus, for an in-depth look inside the Limelight story.

The Limelight Story

In this insightful webinar, learn how Limelight Networks achieved profitable growth with Salesforce Managed Services. Limelight was having trouble integrating its CPQ solution with Salesforce. This placed a large administrative burden on the team, cost them a lot of time and frustration, and made it impossible to utilize their legacy system. A new CPQ tool needed to be implemented. With help from Simplus, Limelight solved its CPQ challenges in an extremely short timeframe, trained its admin staff, and moved forward to new business objectives at full speed, all at the cost of less than one new headcount!




Learn how Limelight utilized Salesforce Managed Services to achieve profitable growth.

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