Simplus + Salesforce

When it comes to Customer Relationship
Management (CRM), Salesforce is king.
To implement the top CRM, you need a top
consultant. That’s where Simplus comes in.

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Simplus and Salesforce are close partners so we never miss a beat when servicing your Salesforce instance. Salesforce done right—with the advisory, implementation, and managed services of Simplus—means significant improvements in more than just your sales department:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Processes
  • Analytics
  • Community


Sales teams can close deals faster than ever using Salesforce. The number one CRM solution is built to increase productivity, keep pipelines full of viable leads, and land more wins for your sales reps without the typical hassles. And Simplus, as the QTC leader in the Salesforce ecosystem, is ready to implement it all.

Customer Service

Customer Support is more than just a formality. With Salesforce, your customer service can deliver a more responsive and intuitive experience that knows your customers’ needs before they do. Whether it’s call center software or self-service, Salesforce is equipped to enhance it.


No customer journey is complete without exceptional marketing tailored to their needs. Salesforce lets your business create personalized deliverables across multiple channels—email, social ads, mobile, and more—so you can drive value from every customer interaction.


Shopping has never been this effortless. Salesforce is the ideal solution for 1-to-1 shopping experiences for your customers. With Salesforce’s built-in features—like predictive intelligence, cloud agility, and mobile-first design—you can unify commerce across mobile and social fronts for a more effective UX.

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Automated. Mobilized. Streamlined. With Salesforce and Simplus together, your business processes can be all of these. The Salesforce Platform provides top-of-the-line app-building tools that will let your business grow with changing technology. And Simplus’ consulting services will make sure your implementation truly works for your needs.


Grappling with multiple datasets and finding little to no insights from it? Salesforce transforms troublesome analytics processes so you can get the answers faster and respond quickly. By unifying data sources into a single view, Salesforce makes the data collection and analysis process not just doable, but enjoyable. And with Simplus, we can even make the implementation stage enjoyable too.

Salesforce is also now compatible with Einstein AI—meaning the crown CRM platform is not just the best, but also the smartest. And, you guessed it, Simplus knows how to integrate that, too.



The workplace community is in more flux than ever, with mobile, remote, and contracted team members. Using Salesforce, you can boost employee adoption and productivity with sleek, modern business environments that are all online. With vital relationships improved, business improves too.

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