Simplus + Jitterbit

Jitterbit is all about strategic advancement
through integration. By integrating your various data points
and using APIs, Jitterbit allows for a single view of customer
and product information, giving you greater visibility
than ever before.

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The Simplus–Jitterbit partnership

is a union of better connection and better business practices. Jitterbit’s API integration platform, Harmony, makes for a completely customizable integration lifecycle within a single cloud solution. Couple that with Simplus’ expertise in Salesforce implementation and advisory services, and you have a masterfully strategized setup for your business.


Jitterbit’s 360-degree view of your business can be designed,
deployed, and managed with countless applications.

  • Re-use existing code and business logic
  • Enjoy point-and-click connectivity and drag-and-drop configuration
  • Complete integrations within days — NOT months
  • Utilize Smart Agents for added security
  • Move data across apps with real-time monitoring
  • Feed consolidated data into analytics

API Transformation

Jitterbit’s API platform can help you simplify existing APIs or create new ones meant to drive innovation and value to your business.

  • Create an intuitive graphical interface
  • Use existing data to make APIs or microservices
  • Publish APIs with enterprise-scale gateways
  • Monitor performance and usage volumes
  • Aggregate and bundle APIs as a product
  • Adapt APIs to evolving business standards
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  • Centralized iPaaS platform
  • Automated business processes
  • Connection to any app
  • Citizen integration experience
  • Fast deployment
  • Industry-leading security and compliance
  • Predictable success with transparent scoping
  • Real ROI

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Intuitive, centralized data interface