Simplus + Conga

Conga is all about simplifying—
A perfect match with us here at Simplus.


Works together to streamline your business’ data documents, contracts, and reporting.
And Conga has the experience, ratings, and reviews to prove it works.

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A Conga–Simplus partnership

Means not settling for just good enough business process. Together, we’re committed to providing you with accelerated sales processes, improved compliance, protected brand messages, and actionable data reports that let you drive business forward.

If you don’t believe it’s possible, we’ll let some Conga stats do the talking:

#1 paid app

Conga is the genius behind the #1
paid app on the AppExchange, Composer.

10+ years

With over a decade of experience removing
pain points in customer’s processes, Conga
is a proud Salesforce Platinum Partner.

8000+ customers

Conga’s 8000+ customers are passionate about the
Conga platform, supporting it with 5 stars on the

150,000 users

Conga’s base is over 150,000 users in over 45 countries
and across all industries, such as Hilton Worldwide,
Sony, Expedia, Schumacher Group, and CBRE.

At the end of the day, Conga is the go-to application provider for
Salesforce users serious about optimizing their CRM.

Conga works its magic with four core solutions:






Conga Composer helps with your Salesforce ROI like no other application. Composer allows your Salesforce users to create enterprise-grade, professional documents—complete with rich text and images—using merged data from anywhere in Salesforce. From customized quote and invoices to account plans and reports, simplifying the sales process has never been easier.



Smooth sales cycles begin with good data management. Conga ActionGrid helps you optimize on your Salesforce investment by turning Salesforce Lists and Related Lists into Excel-like spreadsheets. This empowers your end users to more easily update and manage data in Salesforce.


Drive revenue with powerful analytics and insights without spending hours on the number-crunching. Conga Reporting provides visibility into your Salesforce activity and develops complex reports without the hassle. These deliverables can be sent within and outside your Salesforce with scheduling features. In other words, seamless information now without the headaches.



The Contract Lifecycle Management process could use a good automation helper. That’s where Conga Novatus steps up to the plate. Novatus can automate everything from drafting to electronic signature in the contract process. This isn’t just easier for your users, but it makes for faster resolution and organized storage, too.

Conga CLM FastTrack One-Sheet thumb

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Download this one-sheet for more specifics on the Simplus FastTrack for Conga CLM.


Your business files + Conga’s core solutions + Simplus services

A streamlined and simplified business