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The Future is AI: How AI Cleans Up Energy and Utilities Operations

Let AI manage the balancing act of green energy and high demand

Energy and utility providers are often caught balancing the world’s needs for a sustainable environment and what customers are willing to pay for. Around 70 percent of Americans believe the country should prioritize developing energy sources like solar and wind rather than expand oil, coal, and natural gas production. However, Pew Research found that only 31 percent of Americans support entirely moving away from oil, coal, and natural gas consumption. Instead, 67 percent of those surveyed believe the country should use a mix of fossil fuels, wind, water, and solar energy sources.

Leading companies want digital transformation with AI-tech capabilities to drive scalable, environmentally-supportive strategies that improve energy services with more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective processes. And modern data management is foundational for keeping your company’s revenue in the “green.”

Using AI technology to harness this valuable information via predictive analytics and demand forecasting, data-driven grid management and optimization, and personalized customer service options are just some ways AI technology is creating a better system for an industry pressed to pioneer innovative ways to manage this essential commodity.

In this ebook you’ll learn…

  • Common challenges for energy and utility companies and how AI-led solutions and data management practices can provide solutions
  • How AI/GPT innovations can step up and do the talking (literally) for you
  • What elevated customer service with AI at the forefront could look like in the near future for the industry
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Don’t just talk the talk when it comes to AI—walk the walk by preparing your organization with a solid data architecture foundation.

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