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The Future is AI: Transforming Medicine and Healthcare

Artificial intelligence meets genuine patient care

Studies show that by 2025, the AI in healthcare market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.4%, which shows signs that AI in healthcare is primed for a surge over the next few years. Are you prepared for those changes?

From early disease detection and risk prediction to optimized treatment plans and precision medicine, AI has the potential to unlock new frontiers in patient care. Although the move to AI tech-based operations has sometimes been a precarious journey for this complex industry, preliminary results of this innovation promise to speed up diagnoses with predictive analytics, improve access to care in historically hard-to-serve areas, simplify administrative workflow with automation, and collect and analyze rich data management capabilities that quickly identify anomalies and trends in patient segments.

Adopting a CRM system equipped with AI technology doesn’t detract from the personalized, face-to-face customer service that has defined your brand. Instead, it takes those human, experienced-based instincts that help guide your customer relationships and automates operations with data-backed technology.

In this ebook you’ll learn…

  • Ways that AI tech is changing the healthcare landscape and adding value to Salesforce instances
  • What the intersection of AI and machine learning, NLP, and computer vision looks like for complex medical data
  • The place of AI/GPT tech in healthcare and life sciences, and how Salesforce is bringing signature technology to users
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Don’t just talk the talk when it comes to AI—walk the walk by preparing your organization with a solid data architecture foundation.

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