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The Future is AI: AI’s Impact on the High Tech Industry

It’s time to get smart about artificial intelligence

Despite soaring growth numbers buoyed by a heavily digital-driven and remote-friendly pandemic in 2020, around 150,000 tech employees were handed pink slips by the middle of May 2023, leaving the high tech industry wondering how to navigate an economy that simply couldn’t sustain high volumes of hiring paired with a leveling investment in digital transformation among customers.

But big tech has another trick up its proverbial sleeves: it’s AI technology. Armed with automated, centralized data management and analytics with predictive capabilities, personalized customer support, and more efficient processes, AI technology is transforming how tech companies of all sizes are optimizing the digital space with intuitive UX and delighting customers with unprecedented buying experiences.

In this ebook you’ll learn…

  • What the future holds as UX and AI converge for the high tech industry
  • Best practices for driving CX with AI at the helm in high tech
  • How content generation and company frameworks are changing thanks to the rapid adoption of AI-based solutions
The Future is AI: AI's Impact on High Tech Industries thumb

Don’t just talk the talk when it comes to AI—walk the walk by preparing your organization with a solid data architecture foundation.

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