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Taking Hold of the Chemical Revolution

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Chemical manufacturing can’t survive much longer without sleek, modern CRM platforms to uphold its customers. More and more key industry players are realizing the benefits of CRM for not just sales and marketing, but every line of business. The time to connect all lines of business behind a modern and fully integrated CRM platform is now. With this ebook, we want to show how CRM can create cross-department cohesion and a single source of truth, alleviating existing pain points around the customer experience and innovating your business to serve your customers better than ever before.
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In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • How CRMs have historically been used (or not) in chemical manufacturing
  • Common points of modernization failure in the industry
  • How to address the needs of each line of business
  • What the best tools are for establishing collaboration
  • A firsthand account of transformation at Saint-Gobain
10 Things IT Leaders Should Consider When Merging Salesforce Orgs thumb

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