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Minimizing Risk & Maximizing Revenue:

An Integration Playbook for Manufacturers

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Understanding how revenue flows through your company is a critical function in any industry. But many sales organizations evidently don’t get it: 79 percent miss their forecasts by over 10 percent because they fail to truly understand the revenue chain. For manufacturers, this understanding is especially important as they begin to open up additional revenue streams. But manufacturing tends to be full of complex SKUs and account-specific prices, which means only using an ERP to manage revenue with additional streams will no longer cut it. Integration is unavoidable.
Together, Simplus and enosix bring an efficient, seamless revenue chain to organizations across all industries, but our knowledge is particularly useful for manufacturers who are often looking to integrate several systems into their newly implemented Salesforce CRM. Through this ebook, we’ll share our first-hand expertise on approaching integrations as a manufacturer with a particular focus on maximizing revenue operations and using enosix to connect each critical system together to minimize risk.

In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • What a catalog-driven approach looks like for manufacturers
  • How integrations hold up the revenue chain
  • Best practices for addressing integration concerns in manufacturing

Ready to revamp your manufacturing organization’s integration style?

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