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How Manufacturing Cloud Adds Exponential Value to Your Overall Tech Stack

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Eighty-eight percent of manufacturers say they still need to adopt new tools for better forecasting, and that same majority also say increasing their process efficiency is a top priority moving forward. And what’s pushing these priorities for most manufacturers?
We’ve found that it’s all part of increasing focus on customer and partner relationships. But effectively managing an overwhelming network of customers and partners is rarely easy. With this ebook, we will present the case for Manufacturing Cloud as your CRM foundation and share insights into the latest platform enhancements.

In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • Why Manufacturing Cloud can serve as the ideal CRM foundation for manufacturers
  • How to use Manufacturing Cloud to better manage data, rebates, and partner relationships
  • An overview of the latest enhancements to Manufacturing Cloud and how they accelerate transformation initiatives

Reach out to Simplus today for an expert implementation of Manufacturing Cloud.

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