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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Manufacturing Cloud

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Estimates say that over 75 percent of manufacturers have experienced a serious shortage of skilled labor, 60 percent had major disruptions to sales and marketing due to the events of 2020, and only 15 percent have dedicated strategies for “Industry 4.0” or data connectivity revolution hitting the sector.
Fortunately, the Manufacturing Cloud from Salesforce is the ideal solution for tackling these daunting issues. We’ve put together this ebook to help your organization better understand digital transformation trends in a manufacturing context, Manufacturing Cloud’s features tailor-made to the industry, and how all of this helps your bottom line with revenue visibility. Dive in today to accelerate digital transformation for your organization.

In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • Current trends impacting the manufacturing industry and shaping digital transformation
  • Manufacturing Cloud features and solutions, including the latest update with rebate management
  • How to attain complete revenue visibility with an expert implementation of Manufacturing Cloud

Learn more about current trends impacting the manufacturing industry and shaping digital transformation.

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