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At a Glance

As Weave grew, their specific needs outgrew the native quoting functionality of Sales Cloud. It was decided that they would implement Salesforce CPQ to handle the custom pricing and quoting needs.

Services Provided
  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Custom Development

Getting Around the Workarounds

Like many growing companies, Weave found that their early strategies and tools couldn’t scale the way they needed. They had created a lot of custom workarounds in order to extend the native Sales Cloud quoting functionality.

Workarounds can grow unstable, and it drove Weave to look into a CPQ solution. Choosing to work with Salesforce CPQ gave Weave full control over their quoting process. This included safeguards and limits on the sales team, preventing excessive discounting.

The entire Salesforce CPQ implementation was completed in a short 6 week timeframe, including consulting and some custom development.

The biggest thing for us is visibility into what is actually being sold. Our previous system offered little visibility into the hardware and plans that were being sold. That was a huge headache for our customer success team.

Jaymee Parsons, Salesforce Admin

The Outcome


Weave employees are now able to select and adjust product bundles to create custom quotes for customers. Block pricing, partner discounts and discretionary discounts were created and implemented.

Weave also offers subscription based products, so subscription packages were created for the different monthly and yearly recurring packages.

In addition to the Salesforce CPQ implementation, Simplus integrated DocuSign to allow for signed quote approvals. Custom workflow rules were configured to match the business processes laid out by the client.

I don't give out the high scores very often, but the way this was scoped compared to where we are now is almost perfect. . . The value we're going to get from this product is huge. Would definitely recommend!

Jaymee Parsons, Salesforce Admin

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About Weave

Weave combines all your communication streams from your PMS to your mobile device and business phone, into a single simple tool. One that creates more productive and meaningful conversations by serving up relevant patient details during every patient interaction.

Headquarters: Lehi, UT, USA
Industry: Communication
Website: www.getweave.com