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Case Study


At a glance

We helped SWEED set up Pardot, Sales Cloud, and custom Salesforce functionality for improved sales and better data.
Komatsu - the challenge

The Challenge

SWEED was using an ERP that included a rudimentary CRM. There was no formal process for lead routing or sales booking, and SWEED’s reporting was virtually nonexistent. SWEED needed better alignment in its sales processes and visibility into its reporting data.
Komatsu - the challenge

About Sweed

SWEED is a leading provider of recycling and material handling equipment. SWEED provides a range of products to increase its customers’ efficiency via top-of-the-line scrap choppers, separation systems, and more. SWEED Machinery Incorporated, which operates from its headquarters in Gold Hill, Oregon, was founded in 1955.
Headquarters: Gold Hill, Oregon
Industry: Manufacturing
Komatsu - the challenge
Komatsu - The Outcome

The Outcome

Simplus set up Pardot for proper lead management and implemented Sales Cloud for a vastly improved sales experience. In-depth training was provided to both SWEED’s admin and end user team, who now proceed through the sales process with confidence. Simplus also protected SWEED from a tough ERP integration into Salesforce by guiding the third-party implementation team.
Komatsu - The Outcome

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