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Case Study


At a glance

We transitioned PrecisionHawk off poorly adopted systems and siloed solutions into CPQ in only eight weeks.


Komatsu - the challenge

The Challenge

With a lot of growth planned, PrecisionHawk found it was operating on immature systems and processes that it knew would not scale with that growth. It suffered from no in-house expertise, siloed solutions, rogue discounting, and poor adoption. As such, PrecisionHawk purchased Salesforce to help with scalability.
Komatsu - the challenge

About PrecisionHawk

PrecisionHawk is dedicated to changing the way businesses view their assets and manage resources. To extract the true commercial value of drones, PrecisionHawk believes we must continue to advance a multifaceted technology that includes advanced robotics, robust software, and rich data.
Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina
Industry: High-Tech
Komatsu - the challenge
Komatsu - The Outcome

The Outcome

Simplus laid out clean and defined deliverables, timelines, and expectations of the PrecisionHawk team. Simplus did a deep dive into the current situation with key stakeholders and was able to see through a successful implementation of CPQ in just eight weeks.
Komatsu - The Outcome

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