Why the C-Suite is Focused on CPQ

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Every member of the C-Suite can find value in CPQ.

Boosting revenue in any organization is an all-hands-on-deck effort—all departments have something to offer and a role to play in optimizing processes, increasing sales, and shifting the overall culture to a more future-proof strategy that continuously upholds margins.

To answer this need, Simplus recommends a robust CPQ solution to both erase the burdens of pricing management and elevate your quoting experience for a customer-centric world. With this ebook, we’ll present the use case and business benefits for CPQ in multiple business departments.

In this ebook, you’ll learn the benefits of CPQ for various departments, including…

  • How CPQ can help finance teams build up revenue
  • Why sales wants CPQ to drive the sales cycle and get from quote to cash faster
  • Where sales ops team members can derive value from CPQ by driving higher goals for sales reps
  • How IT can implement CPQ seamlessly and with minimal maintenance worries

Want to understand more about CPQ and its cross-department benefits?

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