A Year In Review:

The 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Cloud

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Are you getting the most out of Manufacturing Cloud?

Manufacturing Cloud is an industry-specific offering from Salesforce made to connect manufacturing’s front-office and back-office operations for a more cohesive experience with partners, employees, and end customers. Leveraging AI-driven data, automated sales processes, and field service innovation, the Manufacturing Cloud platform has proven itself repeatedly as the cloud software of choice for top manufacturing companies.

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Manufacturing Cloud is constantly being built upon and improved with more features, and 2021 brought a large sum of enhancements to the entire Salesforce tech stack for manufacturers.

In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • What enhancements were made to pave the way for more connected selling in Manufacturing Cloud
  • About the advent of rebate management functionality in Manufacturing Cloud
  • Improvements to loyalty management, forecasting, and sales agreements
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