Art of the Possible in Process Manufacturing

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Discover what’s possible in digital transformation as a process manufacturer

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We want to give you a peek at what’s possible with digital transformation as a process manufacturer. Whether it’s CPQ custom configurations or understanding CRM to SAP integration, there are numerous ways process manufacturing organizations can revolutionize their processes and realize stronger relationships with a little modern technology uplift. By reviewing four jaw-dropping and transformational experiences Simplus has had with process manufacturing clients, we’ll learn more about everything that’s possible for your organization.

In this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • What the drivers for change in the industry are
  • How to make an impact with a Salesforce roadmap
  • The benefits of industry-specific functionalities in CPQ
  • How to leverage Salesforce as a SSOT
  • Why CPQ creates bigger, better deals for manufacturers
  • …and more

…all based on the firsthand accounts of some of our leading process manufacturing clients.

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Tom Lovell

Tom Lovell
VP, Manufacturing CoE

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