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Stop Losing Time & Money on Manual Reconciliations

Manual Reconciliation
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Manual reconciliations are common for most financial departments

According to a PWC report, 30 percent of your finance team’s time is spent on manual reconciliation, why? In this webinar we talk about what causes so much manual reconciliation and how to envision the new customer lifecycle to better align sales and finance. Topics we discuss include:

  • Optimizing Revenue Operations
  • The upstream to downstream handoff
  • How optimization decreases manual reconciliation
  • Taking control of revenue growth across every channel


Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron
Product Management
Salesforce CPQ & Billing

Kyle Hanagarne

Kyle Hanagarne
VP of Communications, Media, and Technology

Learn common causes for manual reconciliations and how to bridge the gap between deal flexibility and growth (sales) vs. compliance and governance (finance).

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