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3 ways Simplus takes your SaaS implementation from good to great

Jun 26, 2018 | Admin, Advisory Services, Change Management, High-Tech, Implementation Services, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Managed Services

At Simplus, we have a growth mindset. We believe that talents can be developed through input from others, improvement strategies, and hard work. In contrast, people with a fixed mindset believe that talents come from within and often worry more about looking smart than recognizing deficiencies to improve and work on. Recent studies show that people with growth mindsets are three times more likely to be high performers—and that productivity is compounded when the growth mindset is adopted by an organization.

With our growth mindset, we continually ask how we can help our clients’ implementations go from good to great. By considering the cultural impact, overall business optimization, and additional post-implementation resources, we have helped thousands of companies, including many SaaS companies, raise an average Salesforce implementation to a great, value-driving digital transformation.


Consider cultural impact with Change Management

Our organizational Change Management services help companies achieve their strategic goals, improve performance, and increase value. We differentiate ourselves by not only approaching projects technically (what will the new workflow be, what tools will be used, etc.), but also by helping companies understand how recommended changes will improve top-line revenue and/or bottom-line profitability. We also look realistically at the adoption process and help you craft a successful change management strategy.

We brought this type of advisory services to bear for Lucid Software. Salesforce had already been implemented, but adoption was low due to a lack of training. To really tackle the problem, we re-implemented Salesforce to fix some nagging issues, then stuck around as a partner to ensure that great training occurred and best practices were implemented and utilized. The Salesforce instance was dramatically improved, and Lucid was happy with our top-notch training and partnership.


Optimize business processes

At Simplus, we’re not simply order-takers. We focus on understanding and exceeding our clients’ overall business goals through our Advisory Services. For example, if someone requests a Lightning migration, we look at this in the context of a company’s business and technology ecosystem. Why is a lightning migration necessary? What changes will the company need to make? How can the implementation be improved? And how will this change meet its overall business objectives? This holistic approach allows the implementation to go from good to great.  

Our recent experience with kCura is an example of this holistic method. kCura had a complex sales process. We not only analyzed the technology process but also set goals to optimize the entire sales process. Those goals included making it easier for sales and management to track deals, maintaining the changing product offering, and cutting down on the time it took to document. We were able to reach all of these goals, which meant that kCura’s sales process was “more efficient, accurate, and productive” than ever before.


Additional resources for post-implementation

Sometimes, during an implementation project, an organization may not have the resources it needs to fully realize its value. We can make expert resources available through Managed Services to take a look at post-implementation operational needs and staff accordingly. With our flexible utilization model, each contract is given a named team of resources, proper staffing, great service, and no surprise charges. That turns a good implementation into great sustainability.

Talena is a good example of taking post-implementation work from good to great. Talena had purchased Salesforce and implemented it “right out of the box,” which meant that Talena was manually creating and downloading reports, an unsustainable practice that could have been resolved with dashboards. After Simplus properly implemented Salesforce, our Managed Services team stepped in to teach Talena more about best practices, enhancements, and features, which resulted in greater productivity and overall implementation success.


Part of taking an organization from good to great means optimizing technology to support its business processes. It’s often the difference between reaching your goals and blowing them out of the water. We bring our growth mindset to your organization through our consideration of cultural impact, our expertise in total business optimization, and our post-implementation resources. We are confident that we’ll be able to generate real change and improvement to your business.


For more information on how we can take your SaaS Salesforce implementation to the next level, please contact us today.


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