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Simplus helps you leverage Salesforce to make your business smarter.

Advisory Services

Maximize your company with strategic guidance from our business process optimization experts.

Many times, businesses believe that a particular technology will ease their difficulties. These companies will then purchase said platform or tool only to find the problems still exist. To truly utilize the benefits a new technology can bring, there must be a plan. This plan, also known as Phase 0, will give your business the roadmap it needs to reach its goals.

We use our unique blend of Business Process Optimization and Salesforce expertise to help your organization achieve success.

They really take an approach to consider future options for my team and help us weigh the pros and cons of each.

Bernadette Arias
Customer Service Manager
Twist Bioscience

Implementation Services

Get started with Salesforce quickly and correctly.

For your business to enjoy all the benefits Salesforce brings, it has to be set up correctly. Don’t waste time and money, let the certified experts at Simplus get Salesforce up and running fast.

Our experts know the best practices to make your organization run smoothly and utilize all of the Salesforce features and tools.

To sum up, Simplus is a consultant that you can rely on. They genuinely are experts in building a solid and reliable Salesforce Implementation. I would highly recommend Simplus.

John Stanley
Escalations Lead Tech III

Custom Configuration

Solutions configured to your business.

Salesforce is incredibly versatile, it can be built into just about anything your business needs. Building something custom can be complicated and often becomes very expensive if the right talent isn’t brought in. The team at Simplus has the experience and skills to make Salesforce work for you.

Not only did the Simplus team build out our Partner System from scratch, but we later sub-contracted them for further projects. These guys get it.

Brian Thomas
Channel Account Manager
Mojo Networks

Change Management

Proven methodologies and processes to bring real changes to your business.

Organizations, in an effort to address critical issues, often implement projects that require change. These may be changes to organizational structures, processes and technology. While these updates to the business will have many positive benefits, it’s the employees that must ultimately change how they do their jobs. If these individuals are unsuccessful in their personal transitions, the initiative will fail; however, if the employees embrace the change, results can be spectacular.

We understand how people encounter change and what they need to transition successfully.

The Simplus team taught me how to implement many of the changes they suggested myself. Because of their efforts, our Salesforce instance is set up for future growth and company plans.

Greg Larsen
Sr. Account Executive

Managed Services

Leverage managed services to monitor your Salesforce instance.

As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce instance needs to do the same. Salesforce is an integral part of your company, let Simplus ensure it’s maintained and prepared for the three yearly Salesforce updates.

The Simplus team has been awesome to work with in this project!… I appreciate that they have our team’s endgame in mind and can see the big picture to aim for holistic success.

Kyle Fraughton
VP of Sales