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Still haven’t found a technology partner? Get one!

Mar 16, 2020 | Admin, Commerce Cloud, Latest News, Retail and Consumer Goods

When time means money for your eCommerce business to succeed, using automated apps to handle essential work duties can make a huge difference. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you face a particular job function. Instead, your small business can take advantage of technology partners who are ready to provide the services you need to run your business. 


What is a technology partner?

In the Salesforce ecosystem, a technology partner promotes their applications via the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace platform. Should you decide to partner with a third-party service rather than hire in-house for a specific function, you can sort through over 3000 applications currently listed on AppExchange by product, type, and industry. Many applications are free or are available by subscription. 

Think of it like being a kid walking through a candy store — only better. This indulgence won’t wreck your complexion. If you are currently building your business plan, here are two game-changing advantages of using technology partners as part of your business strategy. 


Consider the cost savings

A huge advantage of using technology partners is that you don’t have to set it up for yourself. “A tech partner will save you money on hardware or software infrastructure, maintenance, and internal resource costs which ordinarily can add up quickly,” says tech writer Liz Young. 

It’s tempting to handle basic work functions in-house. But consider the expenses associated with employing someone to research software programs, learn how to use them, implement the programs, train employees on how to use it, etc. By comparison, a technology partner who specializes in automating your sales and billing process, for example, already knows how to use the software, which eliminates the need to hire a full-time employee to handle this function. 


Gets your product quicker to market

You are the expert on your product brand and target audience, but that doesn’t mean you understand the fastest way to get your product out to the market. A well-suited technology partner can share their expertise on expediting that product to the world. And if this is your first eCommerce endeavor, you can save valuable time and money by partnering with someone who understands the process and recognizes the impact it may have on your business operations and expenses. 

The right technology partner will share proven strategies to not only launch your product, but they will also suggest the best operating systems, or other third-party products, that will produce sky-high numbers for a successful product launch that doesn’t cause your budget to crash and burn from unanticipated costs. 


You have teamed up with a trustworthy partner

Nobody can appreciate the importance of branding better than an eCommerce business. So just imagine the impact partnering with an established company can contribute to your company’s brand. Likewise, a company like Salesforce wants to ensure their brand is trustworthy and that their partners offer effective services for consumers. 

That’s why Salesforce developed the Salesforce security review, which tests an app’s vulnerability to common attacks. Every application in this marketplace has gone through a series of hacking, attacking, and every imaginable intrusion in an attempt to make sure your data and those of your customers remain secure. If the review team can’t break into an application, it passes the review and becomes available for businesses like yours to safely use.

“Considering that 90 percent of Salesforce customers use AppExchange solutions, and that we have achieved nearly 6 million installs to date, there’s an enormous opportunity for partners of all sizes and specializations to grow revenue and market reach faster than ever before through AppExchange,” says Salesforce expert Holly Rushton. “This is true whether you’re an individual developer, a startup company, or an ISV.”

You’ve worked hard to develop a great idea for your eCommerce business. Now it’s time to find easier ways to run it. With a technology partner, you will save valuable time and money, so you can focus on the most important task: connecting with your customers. 



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