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Simplus Creates First CPQ-Focused Salesforce Bolt for Manufacturing

Sep 20, 2018 | Admin, Community Cloud, Latest News, Manufacturing, Press Release, Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce Lightning Bolt allows partners to create and distribute Salesforce Bolt solutions – containing industry-specific functionality and design – that enable companies to jumpstart development of their portal or community.


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—SEPTEMBER 20, 2018—Simplus, a leader in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash advisory, implementation and managed services, today announced the release of the first CPQ-Focused Bolt Solution — built on Salesforce Lightning — for the manufacturing industry. The solution is a Lightning Bolt, a framework that empowers companies to accelerate the creation of communities, next-generation portals and needs, now available on the AppExchange.  

The Simplus CPQ Bolt solution simplifies the process of exposing CPQ to the channel to allow for easy self-service transactions across distributors, resellers and channel partners. The move is part of a broader strategy to release more pre-built accelerators, modules and packages to deliver customers more speed-to-value in their Quote-to-Cash implementations.

“This is an exciting first step in our development of quick-start IP. As a leading CPQ service provider, we aim to provide more out-of-the-box, templatized solutions to customers across the globe,” said Yaron Wilf, managing director of Simplus’ Solution Services. “By simplifying the process of exposing the channel quoting functionality, we’re offering our customers an out-of-the-box solution that typically takes months to implement.”

Built on the powerful technologies of Salesforce including the  Lightning Platform, Lightning Flows and Lightning Community Templates,  the new CPQ Manufacturing Bolt is easy to reuse and distribute. Serving as a foundation for channel selling, it contains a new user experience for self-service channel quoting functionality and also includes other popular channel manufacturing functionality like two-tier channel pricing, order fulfillment, and service contract renewals. The solution enables Salesforce to offer its customers accelerated implementations.

“This Bolt was built using the collective wisdom of CPQ experts,” said Ryan Westwood, CEO of Simplus. “It accelerates time to value, enabling our customers to accelerate ROI from their investment.

For more information, please contact 1-833-SIMPLUS or email

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Salesforce Lightning Bolts are partner solutions built on the Salesforce Lightning enterprise application framework. Bundling apps, business processes and communities into one complete package, Lightning Bolts empower companies to accelerate the creation of communities, portals and customer-facing websites. Leveraging the deep industry knowledge of the Salesforce partner ecosystem, each Lightning Bolt is curated for a specific industry and business process.


About Simplus

Simplus provides enterprise-wide digital transformation across the entire Salesforce ecosystem through advisory, implementation, change management, custom configuration and managed services. As a Platinum Salesforce Partner, we use leading cloud solutions to help companies achieve a strategic vision, improve performance and increase value to stakeholders. With more than 2,000 projects and a customer satisfaction rating in the top 1 percent of all Salesforce partners, Simplus helps companies improve, innovate and grow. For more information about Simplus, please visit



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