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Introducing the Simplus Bootcamp Fall 2018!

Nov 26, 2018 | Admin, Latest News, Sales Cloud, Training

Selected from a competitive pool of applicants, Simplus is thrilled to announce its incoming Bootcamp class for Fall 2018.

The underdog Bootcamp is Simplus’ flagship new hire training program, taking new graduates and career switchers to certified salesforce professionals. Including this class, the program will have added 30 certified professionals to the ecosystem to date with plans to expand openings next year. Training occurs in Simplus’ state-of-the-art facility in Salt Lake City.

Covering a wide range of topics over the initial three months, the Bootcamp class members will learn everything from Salesforce Admin and Developer to CPQ and Consulting workshops. As the top quote-to-cash consulting company in the world, our training program has a particular emphasis on this skill set.

With our growth and momentum in the Salesforce system, it’s never been a better time to become a Salesforce consultant. Stay tuned for future Bootcamps opportunities and learn more about why Simplus is a top place to work on our careers page.

Thanks to our awesome hiring partners at DevMountain and Salesforce Military!


Annamaria Hickman

Hometown: South Jordan, UT

Professional background: Coming from the Salesforce Military program and was honored to be part of the 50 to represent during #DF18 conference. Transitioning from the nonprofit management world. I assisted individuals experiencing homelessness into housing subsidies owned by property management, landlords. or by The Road Home. I managed clients on different housing programs eligible to receive ongoing rental assistance through The Road Home. I delegated with multiple teams to ensure that clients met with their case managers to continue active rental assistance based on program compliance and regulations.

Most interesting job: Volunteered as an usher for the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago and had the chance to view over five screenings while standing (average of 345 minutes total).

Fun fact: With most popular music, I can depict who sings the song. The music has to be played in order for me to figure out who sings it.


Steven Penfield

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Most interesting job: I worked for a defense contractor in Washington D.C. While there, I was part of a national team administering the Government Emergency Telecommunications Program. I had the opportunity to speak with members of our armed forces, local first responders, and heads of local Government on a daily basis. During my time there, I helped coordinate communications between all these agencies during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in the 2017 hurricane season.

Fun fact: Not many things are more relaxing for me than washing and waxing a car on a Saturday morning! It’s like a personal challenge to see how good you can get it to look but you get to see positive progress the entire way. Pair that with the simplicity and positive reinforcement of light manual labor, and you have a recipe for mental relaxation. I love that end result after the wax film is removed, the car is beautiful, and you walk away knowing that you did that. It’s a good feeling.


Rachel Kariuki

Hometown: Nairobi

Professional background: I studied Economics and Finance and worked in the Insurance Industry. Most recently took Web Development and built Apps in Javascript, React and Node JS.

Most interesting job: I was a Student Assistant at the Reserve desk of the university library. This was a great opportunity to meet new people, interact with and assist them on a regular basis. Also had access to all kinds of reading materials and subscription publications which were readily available and plenty of time to read during off-peak hours.

Interests: Traveling, reading, learning new technologies.


Santiago Vacaguzman

Hometown: Born and raised in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Professional background: Have a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance specializing in Advanced Investments and Capital Markets. I also have an Accounting certificate. Since graduation, I joined Anheuser-Busch as a business analyst/temporary supervisor and later on, I joined Goldman Sachs & Co. as a financial analyst.

Most interesting job: Overseeing/reporting all European transactions for Goldman Sachs’ high net worth clients (Private Wealth Management).

Fun fact: I used to have a pet sloth. We never named him and eventually, the sloth ran away.


Jessica Roundy

Hometown: Born and raised in Ithaca, NY

Professional background: Graduated from Brigham Young University in Economics and Statistics. Most recently I worked for over two years as a Business Analyst at Entrata and worked closely with clients to get feedback about our software services.

Most interesting job: In college, I worked as a community manager for two properties totaling 160+ units. It was a varied job that often required a lot of creative problem-solving. This is where I came to love problem-solving and negotiating with residents and clients.

Fun fact: A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to translate for a group of government representatives from Peru who came to meet with Operation Underground Railroad to collaborate in the fight against child sex trafficking. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this, and it was an amazing experience! I met and spoke with a couple of the undercover operatives and listened to their stories about the rescue missions they’ve been on in Haiti and Colombia. Speaking to them and hearing their stories was nothing short of life-changing!


George Thaut

Hometown: Elk Ridge, UT

Professional background: AppleCare Professional Apps Advisor – Apple Inc.

Most interesting job: Before coming to Simplus I worked for Apple in the AppleCare division. Over the course of five years, I talked to more than 44,000 customers on five different continents. Needless to say, I had some very interesting conversations.

Fun fact: I have a minor in Portuguese.



Spencer Robinson

Hometown: Provo, UT

Professional background: I worked in Financial Planning for five years focusing on Retirement Accounts and Life Insurance Products. I always had an interest in Software Development and attended DevMountain for Web Development.

Most interesting job: I worked for an NBA G-League Basketball team. They were affiliates to the Utah Jazz and Boston Celtics. It was during the first few years so it was a lot of hard work but really fun, and I met really cool people.

Fun fact: I enjoy playing sports and going to sporting events. I am an avid golfer and have worked many jobs in the golf industry including repairing and building golf clubs.


Alana Benallie

Hometown: Blanding, UT

Professional background: For the past two years I’ve been working as a Data Specialist for a medical screening company in Orem, Ut. I was promoted to the team manager and therefore got to pick what we had for lunch on Wednesdays.

Most unusual job: I had the chance to work at a meat plant for a summer. So, I’ve learned not to be very squeamish.

Fun fact: One of my hobbies is Native American hoop dancing.


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