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Silicon Slopes: Does internal training help tech companies grow?

Jan 24, 2019 | Admin, High-Tech, Latest News, Training

On the latest Revenue Growth University podcast episode, Amy Cook sat down with Jake Boyd, director of training and education programs at Simplus, to discuss the importance of continuing education and training within tech companies. Jake talked with Amy about how investing in training is vital to making sure your tech company doesn’t fall behind and also reaps additional benefits for the individuals and the company. Check out some highlights from their conversation here or read the full article!

Q: How does a tech company measure learning?

A: “In our industry of Salesforce consulting and advising, Salesforce certifications are a key indicator of employee growth and understanding,” Jake said. “It’s been shown that professional development is in the top factors for job satisfaction and retention in many workplace studies.”

Q: How important is a traditional college education right now for some of these technologies?

A: “I was originally a teacher,” Jake said. “So I’m biased towards the more traditional education systems. But honestly, the way that current, more traditional education systems are structured, it hasn’t really caught up with the demands of these tech jobs. Technology is rapidly changing, and the skills required to be successful are constantly changing as well.”

Q: Is it worth investing in building something like Simplus University in house?

A: “In addition to all the financial benefits of having an in-house university, there’s a lot of social benefits that come from it as well, especially in the Salesforce Ecosystem for us,” Jake said. “So yes, I would say it’s very worth it.”

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