Service Cloud Implementation

Take care of your customers by implementing Service Cloud.

Implement Service Cloud the Right Way

For your business to enjoy all the benefits Service Cloud brings, it has to be set up correctly. Don’t waste time and money, let the certified experts at Simplus get Service Cloud up and running fast.

Save Customer Relationships by Resolving Cases Faster
  • Lightning Console: Simplus can configure your Lightning Console correctly, which will allow your agents to see knowledge articles, customer profiles, interaction history and more all on one page.
  • Case Assignment: Save time and get to a resolution faster. Simplus can configure Case Assignment Rules to automatically assign cases to an individual or a queue.
  • Escalation: The best chance you have to save a customer relationship once a case has been escalated is a prompt and effective resolution.
Empower Your Customers with Smarter Self-Service
  • Knowledge: Once configured correctly, a knowledge base is a powerful way to allow customers to help themselves or your reps to quickly and effectively access articles, FAQs and more.
  • Communities: Communities are a powerful way to Increase opportunities for customer engagement, allow customers to share information with other customers and help customers find answers they need at anytime.
Make Smarter Customer Decisions
  • Reports: Build reports on any part of your company’s case resolution process quickly and easily with drag and drop functionality.
  • Dashboards: See all of your important data at a glance with Salesforce’s native dashboards.
Communicate with Customers
  • CTI: Simplus can integrate most CTI solutions to work directly in Service Cloud. Help your agents be more efficient and resolve cases faster.
  • Live Agent: Increase efficiency while allowing a more personalized experience by using Live Agent. This software allows your reps to chat directly with customers and prospects directly on the web.
Working with the Simplus team has been a wonderful experience. I've worked with different organizations in the past and your processes are so much better, there's a rhyme to the reason.

Martha de la Torre, EC Hispanic Media