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in Salesforce CPQ implementation

Why Choose Simplus?

Is your complex quoting and inaccurate pricing frustrating your sales team and customers?  We can help you with your CPQ implementation to generate quotes faster, eliminate errors, and focus on growing your business.

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We recruit and train the premier CPQ implementation talent in the industry under the direction of Gilles Muys, the world’s only Salesforce CPQ black belt.


Simplus has successfully completed more than 700 CPQ projects, more than any other certified partner.

Multi ethnic business people
Multi ethnic business people

Simplus has successfully completed more than 700 CPQ projects, more than any other certified partner.

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With a customer satisfaction rating of 9.68, we are rated in the top 1% of Salesforce partners on the AppExchange.

Speed Up the Sales Cycle

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Configure accurate quotes. Fast


Deliver branded proposals directly from Sales Cloud.


Comply with the new revenue recognition standard.

Simplus is truly a first-rate organization that mitigates risk in big league ways to ensure the success of your important CPQ project.

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Eliminate Errors

with a successful Salesforce CPQ Implementation.

Quotes & Pricing

Empower your sales team to handle volume discounts, percent-of-total subscriptions, and channel, contract, and partner pricing.


Save time by automatically generating renewal quotes while applying price increases correctly.

Product Configurator

Breathe easier knowing invalid or incorrect product options or bundles can’t be selected. Easily update configurations at any time for special promotions or product changes.


Automate the process to help your sales team easily generate add-on orders with co-terming and contract terms.

Help Your Team Sell More

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Guided Selling: Help new and experienced sales reps choose the best products and services (including cross-sell opportunities) simply by answering questions about the client’s needs.

Proposals and Contracts: Create brand-approved proposals and contracts with just a click. Make the process easy for sales reps by including the right collateral to accompany each proposal and integrating with an eSignature solution.