Want to increase revenue? Free up your salespeople to sell!

In quota-bearing sales positions, it’s not uncommon to earn commission checks that put the sales rep in the category of making more money than upper management. That’s great for those in sales, but what stands out more is how much more commission and sales revenues could be generated with the right support and sales tools.

A recent Forbes study found that sales reps spend less than 36 percent of their time actually selling, and even less than that using the CRM tool provided for them. The reason? Too much time spent on redundant administrative tasks, searching for information to expedite orders, user error, human mistakes, and a complex CRM tool that is too difficult to use. 

You need a plan to get things moving. And we have a system that gets results. It’s configured to work with your company’s processes. It makes pricing and inventory management a snap. And it generates quotes in record time, so you can close that deal—fast! 

Configure, price, and quote = CPQ, and it’s changing the way we do business. Here’s how:


Get ready! 

One of the most effective ways to overcome sales obstacles is through a thoughtful and properly implemented CPQ configuration. The right CPQ configuration streamlines quoting, simplifies ordering, minimizes human error, and increases sales growth. Sales is the lifeblood of technology companies today, so it’s critical to simplify sales processes and remove obstacles that interfere with your sales force. This is exactly what an expert level CPQ implementation will do for your sales teams, which means an increase in company revenue. 


Get set!

How does CPQ remove obstacles for your sales teams?

  1. Removes unnecessary administrative tasks.
  2. Minimizes human error.
  3. Simplifies a difficult CRM through efficient quoting and ordering.

Take the case of Tuff Shed in the manufacturing industry as an example. Tuff Shed’s goal was to align its front-end quoting with back-end production. An abundance of errors meant Tuff Shed was using valuable time and resources communicating with clients and correcting mistakes. They hoped to make the quoting process more straightforward, greatly reducing the risk of error and wasted time. 

Simplus partnered with KBMax and Salesforce CRM to create a visual CPQ system for Tuff Shed, and they designed an end-to-end e-commerce flow and introduced advanced approvals into Tuff Shed’s sales process. By partnering with Simplus, Tuff Shed’s inside sales team, customers, and extensive dealer network can easily configure made-to-order sheds with thousands of options. The result? A 105 percent increase in deal size, a 200 percent increase in conversions, and a 38 percent faster sales cycle. Now the sales team can do exactly what they were hired to do—sell more with fewer obstacles.



Tuff Shed’s experience shows how the right CPQ configuration can ignite and transform your sales process. Their Salesforce CPQ configuration eliminated errors and opened up time to build relationships with customers. The CPQ implementation also made the quoting process easier, more visual with an end-to-end e-commerce flow, and introduced advanced approvals. This all led to the elimination of unnecessary administrative tasks, along with simplifying their CRM tool as a whole, making the software easier to use. It also allowed for a better visual experience for its customers.

Invest in your sales team and overcome sales obstacles with a well-strategized CPQ configuration, and get your sales reps on the winning path to exceed quotas and maximize commissions. This, in turn, will increase company revenues like never before! The right CPQ configuration will streamline quoting, simplify ordering, minimize human error, and increase sales growth! 


To learn more please visit our manufacturing industry site or download the Tuff Shed implementation eBook.