Simplus + EnosiX

EnosiX is the dream integration toolbox
for understanding your customers in real time.
And when coupled with Simplus, we make sure enosiX’s
incredible offerings are built precisely to your needs.

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A Simplus and enosiX partnership

equals SAP ERP processes residing in your Salesforce instance—better customer insights, faster answers. EnosiX is the leading expert in combining the unique CRM of Salesforce with SAP tools. This means you can use pre-built Visual Force page templates to receive real-time, bi-directional, CRUD access to SAP data. The short story? enosiX transforms your Salesforce CRM into a comprehensive customer analytics tool.


  • Get background data with SAP: customers, materials, pricing, inventory, quote/order/delivery history, and more.
  • Skip the extra hardware and middleware. EnosiX stands on its own.
  • Lower costs by foregoing traditional ETL tools.
  • Be faster than ever—80% of integration with SAP is built in.
  • Handle front- and back-end development without ABAP developers.
  • Rest easy knowing all SAP interaction goes through existing security infrastructure, so you’re protected.


  • Rapid implementations come with out-of-the-box integrations with key business processes like QTC
  • Decreased development cycle times using enosix Salesforce SDK
  • Real-time integration leverages already existing SAP business process logic and validation checks
  • An intelligent API to work through (no need for SAP technical resources)
  • .NET code generation of strongly typed data models makes for easy use
  • Optimized data transfer—configurable per device
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  • Intelligent integration solutions that allow developers to create native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps
  • Ability to build cross-transactional and cross-system apps by merging data from multiple sources into one screen
  • Mobilized SAP transactions across multiple process streams can be deployed within days rather than weeks

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