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How we helped Mitsubishi Electric Automation modernize their sales process

Simplus had the privilege to work with Mitsubishi Electric Automation to help them bring their entire sales process up to modern standards. MEA is a world leader in the creation of automation products including programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, operator interfaces, motion control systems, computer numerical controls, industrial robots, servo amplifiers and motors, and industrial sewing machines.


The challenge 

  • Archaic sales process: The entire company’s customer relationship database and sales processes were nearly completely offline and mostly housed in spreadsheets. Sales reps and managers were having incredible difficulty keeping track of sales numbers, inventory, and goals.
  • Lack of sales process: There was little standardization of best practice for the lead-to-sale process.
  • Siloed departments: There was little communication between departments, and each one had its own methodology for the sales process.


The solution

  • Advisory services: Simplus took a deep dive into current sales practices to understand its current system. Without upending their core operations, we then helped them understand modern sales processes and how they pertain to the new Sales Cloud implementation while considering current culture to ensure optimal user adoption.
  • Sales Cloud and Lightning implementation: These two implementations aimed at improving MEA’s sales standardization, increasing the speed of operations, and allowing for customization of desired components. Simplus also included some Service Cloud components to improve customer service experience.
  • Implementation of external systems: We introduced a host of external applications to further simplify the sales process including Sitecore, SAP Integration, Custom Lead Routing, Ordering and Sales Process, Custom Quoting Tool, and Pardot.


The result

  • Modernized sales process: The whole organization is able to see a unified sales process. The people at the top can see the entire business process, and people below them have a frame of what they are selling because all operations are within the same platform. MEA is now able to accurately track revenue and what it is discounting to make a sale. This gave MEA a fresh look into its sales metrics. Through these new data insights, MEA is now able to identify what kind of actions are driving revenue and what actions are losing the company money.
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