Karlton Knight - My Vetforce Story

Karlton Knight – My Salesforce Military Story

Position at Simplus:

Associate Consultant


Experience in Salesforce:

1 year


Military Job:

98G (Arabic Cryptologic Voice Interceptor)


How did you discover Salesforce?

My brother employs Salesforce at his company, American Well.


How did (are) you train(ing) to become Salesforce Certified?

I have earned Ranger status on Trailhead and received Admin Essentials free through Salesforce Military, in addition to current training in-house with Simplus.


What is your #salesforcemilitaryvictory story into Simplus?

A Simplus consultant and Salesforce Military member posted on the Salesforce Military job board that positions may be open in SLC (local to me). I researched the company, connected via LinkedIn with as many Simplus employees as possible, and discussed the company with my brother and his Salesforce Admin/Architect.


How has Salesforce Military made an impact on your life?

Salesforce Military allowed me to pivot my industry to reduce travel and build/develop long-term career options without having to uproot my family.


What does the Salesforce Military community mean to you?

I have connected with hundreds of veterans through Salesforce Military and Salesforce Military members on LinkedIn. I have never had a situation where individuals were unwilling to assist.

I have presented Salesforce Military to soldiers and milspouses with 19th Group Special Forces and am currently seeking greater access to the UT Army National Guard to get the word out. I have also connected to other veterans via LinkedIn and Veterati to help others who were in my situation three months ago.


What advice do you have for new Salesforce Military members?

Connect, connect, connect. Learn CPQ.


What are some career-oriented goals you have?

I want to get to a point where I can take on a Project Manager role providing solutions to companies that resolve real-world business process issues. Inside Salesforce, that looks like eight to ten certs just to feel capable.


What are some personal (non-career) goals you have?

Veteran outreach and mentoring through PMI and Veterati is important to me. Guiding others to find their passion earlier in life and help them find success and passion drives me.


Personal interests/hobbies:

Camping/outdoors, family, gardening, and football

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