Forbes: Who To Have On A Superstar Sales Team

What’s most important when selling a deal? Is it the customer pain points, the negotiation strategy? Good guesses, but according to Mike Lockert, it all comes down to the team.

Mike Lockert, newly promoted CRO of Simplus, has released another piece of sales thought leadership on Forbes, this time focused on how to put together the best team for securing a deal. Check out some of our selected highlights from Mike’s piece here or read the full article on Forbes!


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

“Do you understand the industry as well as your customer does? Chances are, you don’t. This is where SMEs come in handy. They can help you get up-to-date on the regulations, products, talk tracks and keywords that are important to understand in the prospect’s industry.” — Mike Lockert


Technical Experts

“Your tech expert is an important player: They will help you understand how your solution can apply or how it needs to be adapted to your customer’s company. This step is essential to achieving internal alignment while you sell the deal.” — Mike Lockert


External Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

“You can make your deal bigger (and more appealing) by bringing in ISVs and partners that sell those solutions. You can present a complete solution that will save your customer time and energy.” — Mike Lockert



“As a salesperson, you can’t always get in touch with the person in a company that matters most — the economic buyer. Even though this is the cornerstone of owning the deal, sometimes economic buyers are not accessible. The solution? Connect your executives with your customer’s executives so they can be aligned and on board.” — Mike Lockert



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