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RLM JUST GOT REAL: 6 Pragmatic Questions to Launch Revenue Lifecycle Management

A Comprehesive Overview of RLM

Salesforce launched Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM), a full overhaul of features and tighter integration of its various current products serving their customers’ Revenue Operations and Management needs (including CPQ, CLM, Revenue Cloud, and Subscription Management). RLM has been built on and benefits from Salesforce’s native platform capabilities (such as Genie, Einstein AI, enhanced workflow automations, intuitive code-free configuration, cross-cloud data sharing, etc.) and the use of the standard Object model.

Intending to be an extensible enterprise-grade platform, Salesforce RLM also leans heavily into the use of APIs (business, metadata, tooling, etc.) and composable architecture, and positions itself as an exciting approach and solution for current and potential Salesforce RevOps customers.

In this ebook you’ll learn…

  • The background of RLM development within the Salesforce ecosystem
  • How migrating to RLM will impact your organization and existing processes
  • How RLM may address your enterprise’s unique business needs
  • Realistic benefits to anticipate with an RLM implementation
  • The differences between various RLM features
  • Practical budgets and timelines for a compelte RLM implementation

…and much more

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Determine how RLM works for your enterprise.

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