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White Paper

Guide to Product Bundling:

Firsthand Experience and Knowledge From Salesforce CPQ Experts

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Product bundling is a powerful tool included in the Salesforce Revenue Cloud suite. Powered by CPQ, it allows companies to transform their product catalogs into dynamic sales tools, guiding sales reps and customers with cross-sell and upsell opportunities and increasing recognized revenue for the company at large.
But there are also pitfalls to beware of: diving into product bundling too quickly or without larger alignment to your go-to-market or revenue operations strategy can make for a quick dive in profit margins. That’s why we’ve prepared this white paper, a collection of Simplus’ firsthand experience and knowledge on the benefits of and critical steps behind product bundling. Let’s learn more about getting started with bundling the right way.

This white paper will cover three critical areas of product bundling…

  • Why product bundling is necessary for your sales strategy
  • Best practices for preparing SKUs for bundling
  • Before CPQ bundling: A checklist

Learn more today from our revenue operations consultants about product bundling in your organization.

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