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DocuSign CLM Framework

Docusign CLM Framework

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is a critical business operation for closing deals and managing recurring revenue. But too often we see businesses struggle with non-compliance, delays in revenue due to cumbersome negotitations, and poor customer experience at the hands of an unduly inefficient and manual agreement process.

  • Align business goals to your DocuSign CLM program.
  • Ensure executive alignment and buy-in.
  • Harmonize and standardize CLM processes across functional
    areas within your organization.
  • Avoid replicating a bad process and leverage CLM
    transformation as an opportunity to streamline your CLM
    processes and use DocuSign to enable automation.
  • Optimize a DocuSign CLM program through a shared vision
    and program roadmap.
  • Design your blueprint: a prioritized plan of initiatives that define
    the short-term plan (Phase 1 design) and long-term plan (future
    program roadmap).
Docusign CLM Framework

DocuSign CLM Advisory Methodology



Validate business case. Define CLM program goals, KPIs, and business outcomes.



Define CLM future state. Conduct gap analysis and identify areas for process improvement.



Conduct technology validation against desired systems and methods and develop future state.



Develop design and roadmap. Define short- and long-term CLM plan based on requirements.

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