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Meet David Gomez — A Simplus Employee Feature

We’re pleased to introduce David Gomez as Simplus’ next employee feature. David is a consultant on Simplus’ managed services team. He’s known for his diligence, critical thinking, and talent in advising clients with solutions. Let’s learn a bit more about him:


What do you do at Simplus?
I am a consultant on the SelectHealth project working as a member of their Salesforce Value Stream team. The team works with various business units within SelectHealth and provides hotfixes, enhancements, and ongoing support for their shared Salesforce org. I also support their DocuSign E-Signature implementation via enhancements and user support.


What are some achievements of which you are most proud? Both professionally and personally.
Personally, I am proud of being able to support my 3-year-old son AND be able to spend time with him which is something I didn’t have at his age with my dad. Professionally, I am most proud of the fact that I’ve built a career in IT, regardless of the vendor product I’m working on at the time, and that I’ve been able to adapt to different environments but still retain and use what I’ve learned from previous experiences. If anything, I consider myself a journeyman in IT and not specifically tied down to any technology stack.


What are your hobbies?
Whenever I can find some “me time”, I like to catch up on my huge backlog of video games but I’ve recently started building playthings for my son out of PVC pipes or 2×4’s which he finds more enjoyable than the stuff you buy at a store.


Why do you like working at Simplus?
I like working at Simplus because they respect the work/life balance which is something I have struggled to find at other companies. I experienced heavy burnout at a previous job and I’m just getting over it thanks in part to how flexible Simplus is. I also find it refreshing that there is a true team mentality when it comes to solutioning complex requests and I don’t have to worry about having to figure everything out on my own because the team will be there to help.


Tell us a little bit about your professional background.
After my time in the US Army, I worked a couple of odd jobs while finishing up my Bachelor’s in IT. I landed my first IT job as a “paid intern” and started absorbing everything I could from different technology vendors including Microsoft, Linux, Apache, IBM, and others. They offered me a permanent position within 6 months and I steadily progressed from there across different on-premise tech stacks and eventually into the cloud platforms. Currently, I’ve been working primarily with Salesforce and some of the other products it can integrate with such as DocuSign.


What do you feel are your greatest contributions that help make Simpus the best consulting firm?
I’m all about sharing knowledge, whether it’s tips, tricks, best practices, anything that can help out others and prevent them from struggling with something I struggled with in the past. I’ve never been about chasing the spotlight and would rather work quietly in the background and help the team succeed because if they succeed, I succeed as well.


If you are playing Two Truths and a Lie, what answers stump people every time?
People are usually stumped when I tell them I’m the first in my family to both graduate high school and have a college degree. They also get stumped when they find out I’ve never been on any type of boat in my life considering I’ve lived the majority of my life in Florida near the water.


Congratulations, David! And thank you for everything you do at Simplus.



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